Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Do you have the personality to be an Entrepreneur?

Some say being an entrepreneur is in your genes. Could it be true, just the same way you are born a salesman?  Recently, I came across a book called Instinct by Thomas L. Harrison. You can read up on Mr. Harrison’s background and related works here. I haven’t finished reading the book, but the premise so far is that you have to take inventory of your personality traits. Once you have completed that portion of the exercise, you are to determine which are inherited traits and which have to be further developed. Combined is what I assume makes you a successful entrepreneur. Through out the book, you will find exercises that help you with the process.

I don’t know about genetics and their role in you being an entrepreneur. Maybe I will form a firm opinion after finishing the book. However, I do believe that different personalities suit certain professions. There are quizzes you can take to help you determine if you are suited to be an entrepreneur. Obviously, you will not base such a big decision on a personality quiz, but its interesting place to get the ball rolling. Here are some quizzes I came across:

Quiz: Are You Tough Enough?

Quiz: Do You Have What It Takes to Be an Entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurial potential self-assessment had an interesting article on 4 Personality Traits All Entrepreneurs Must Have. It talked about how you can break down the basic entrepreneur personality traits into four categories.

The Dreamer: Unlike daydreaming, The Dreamer proposes a dream that should be in every entrepreneur’s heart. He/She dreams big and has a purpose that is bigger then the materialistic components of life.

The Thinker: Asking questions is The Thinker’s job. Where the dreamer dreams, The Thinker asks practical questions that help make the dream possible. They work well together to make a business successful.  

The Story Teller: Telling their dream to others and looking for motivation defines this trait. It’s essential to have positive encouragement at any stage in your business, especially when you are starting something new.

The Leader:  Every Entrepreneur has to be a leader. Taking ownership and responsibility, the Leader takes all of the above traits and moves the business forward.

Another article I read on the subject was from called The 9 Personality Types of Entrepreneur. It’s a little different as it doesn’t discuss what personality you should have but talks more about how your personality impacts your small business. It discusses in brief, 9 types of personalities and how that determines the way you run your business. For instance, The Improver focuses on using their business for the betterment of the world. It then gives you a little blurb on the negative impact of this personality type. I.e. how this might make you more of a perfectionist and over critical, especially with your employees.  It even gives you an example of a famous entrepreneur.

Research is essential when you are thinking of starting your own business. You have so many questions that need to be answered but you could end up dealing with information overload! Take it one step at a time and ask yourself, is this really for you? Find your answers before taking the big step. I assure all your research will be worth it! 

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